Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alice and Black Cat Print JSK

I would like to recommend the "Alice and black cat print JSK". This is a perfect combination of the beautiful alice black cat and the diamonds shape into one lolita dress, decorated by tiny bow and lace.

It is available in 4 sizes: S/M/L/XL
         Bust        Waist        Dress length
S      82cm        64cm       90cm
M     88cm        71cm       93cm
L      94cm         75cm        95cm
XL   100cm      81cm        95cm

Even you have a slightly bigger size than XL, there is no need for you to worry since the  Sheer back could also allow some flexibility.

There are 3 colors for your choice: Pink, Red and skyblue. All are very nice and you can choose a ideal one according to your own request.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Infanta Snow White Skirt 2 Colors: Wine/Blue

New arrival from infanta, thick cotton tailored lolita skirt dress for girls in wine and dark blue two colors. Dress comes with inner lining.

Delicate prints make this lolita skirt look very elegant. The shirred waist could make 7-10cm adjustment.

Both the two colors (blue and wine) are very pretty, but personally i prefer blue which i feel is more fresh and chic looking. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lolita outfit, from top to toe

Wearing a lolita dress on is far away from the real lolita but you still need some matched accessories, such as necklace, bracelets, wigs, handbags and parasols to enhance your lolita looking.

                                                                 lolita handbags

Like makeup could make girls look more stunning, these lolita accessories could definitely give your lolita look a big plus. I saw many lolita girls, with nice lolita accessories decorated from top to toe, who are so cute and sweet and i also dreaming that one day i could be in that look as well. So, for a real lolita looking from top to toe, i think firstly i need to have a pretty wig (long curly wig is my favorite), like these one:

a cute headbow, then i need a pretty lolita choker, a bracelet, a jsk (i prefer the jsk not too long due to my poor height, just 158cm tall), a blouse to match the jsk, a pair of cotton socks and a pair of lolita shoes. Oh, still forgot to mention another thing, that is the makeup. I need to do a gorgeous make up before with lolita outfit on. PPL suggested me that is also very important in lolita fashion. :) I believe it is.
Now i am preparing a whole lolita outfit looking (from top to toe), just need to wait for some accessories arrive. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

About "My-Lolita-Dress"

We have been troubled for a while by the topic that we are selling milanoo's stuff or that i am from milanoo etc. I know it was hard to just say "NO" to ppl's suspicion and i know Time should help to prove us, so just let it be!

But on the other side, i would like to thank some of our customers (potential ones or already ones), who helped to prove that we are not from milanoo but just ourself "". With your supports, we get more guts and confidence to run our lolita online shop better. Because of you, we will and must try our best to provide better service, including good quality but cheaper price, good customerservice and only in this way, we can keep you. :)

I know some times things are just not going smoothly as what we expected so we would just insist on what we have been doing and i believe "" will become a more popular site in the near future. And we saw that we got better sales than before and from our after-sale questionnaire, most customers are quite satisfied with our service and products.

Again, we are not milanoo but we are partnered with some brands, such as Infanta, Dream of lolita, HMHM, Antaina and Yolanda etc and we sell products directly from them, including lolita dress, skirts, petti, pants, blouse, socks, parasols and accessories etc. Some products are in stock which we can ship immediately upon your ordering, while some are unstock which we need to custom tailor for you from scratch. And this is way some times, we would ask your patience to wait for some days before your stuff getting shipped. And once you got your order, you'll also find that we have all the brand lables marked on it and the real products are the same as what you saw on our site pics.

While sometimes we still can't avoid some mistake happening, such as shipping out an incorrect stuff or wrong color etc. Which we ask for your forgiveness. Because we are just human... Everytime when there is a mistake happening, we will try our best to find a satisfactory and fair solution for you.

Finally, if you stopped by our site, i believe it will not let you down! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gogeous White Moon Dresses

Recently i found some gorgeous looking white moon lolita clothes online. They are such a stunning looking which i can't help sharing them.

White Moon JSK dress
                               #1: White Moon Morning Star Dark Blue Classical JSK Dress
                               #2 and 3: White Moon Forest Music College Style Lolita JSK Dress 2 Colors: Mint and Pink.
                               #4: White Moon Flower Dream High Waist JSK Dress, which is a limited version.

White Moon Time of Blue Sky Classical OP Dress
White Moon Pink Summer Gingham Halter JSK Dress
White Moon Ruby Gem Cherry Gingham JSK Dress

White Moon Ruby Gem Sweet Lolita JSK Dress 
Both the last two ones are limited versions.

I think all of these White Moons dresses are in such a gorgeous looking and i would like to have one at least. But i do not have enough money this month, so maybe next month I'll order one. Haha! ^_^ Hope you like my sharing too! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Infanta Dolly House

Infanta is a lolita fashion supplier, mainly for sweet and classic lolita dresses, including both a-line and ball gown bodyline. They also provide top quality unique design winter lolita jackets. Recently, there is a super sweet style called "Dolly house"  released from Infanta and I was pleasantly surprised by this new release because Infanta usually puts out classic pieces. This is such a sweet style which i can't help sharing them.

This Dolly House Series include the short sleeves op dress, jumper, skirt, and the headdress to go with them, each kind is super lovely and pretty for girls to wear.Here we will mainly forcus on the OP dress and Jumper, since those two styles definitely caught my eyes.

There are mainly 3 colors available for the dolly house op dress and jumpers both: mint, light pink and pale yellow. Each color is quite brilliant and lovely. But personally, among these 3 colors, Mint attracts me best.

Infanta Dolly House One Piece Dress

It is nice to wear this OP dress singly, while for the jumper, you can wear it with a short sleeves lolita blouse and that will be a very pretty looking!
Infanta Dolly House Prints Jumper 
Sweet cotton girls dresses for summer, jsk sleeveless design, with lace and bows.

How can you miss such a sweet infant dolly house dresses or jumpers in your wardrobe?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Customers' lolita style show

Princess wig
princess wig
We have been selling Lolita styles from our site since 2010 and i know some ppl would double that we are just a scammer like Minaloo.

However, is not connected with milanoo in any way. If you notice, we are selling the brands products from dream of lolita, infanta,hmhm,Antaina, etc, which has been already proven white list at Livejournal: You'll find there are many URLs which was listed out by some lolita fans, aimed at stopping Milanoo from making poor quality items! And you'll see that our site URL is excluded! We cooperate with those brands directly, that's why we also leave the watermarks of their brands on the images.

I did hear the owner of infanta complained to me that milanoo has stolen images from them, remove the watermarks, then sell the clothes made by themselves, so no one knows what would happen with the quality. I felt sorry for this too.

I guess only we become more aware of the milanoo, and buy the items from the real good places, we could ensure that the lolita clothes quality could be well-maintained.

Also we are trying to make more efforts to prove our site "My Lolita Dress" a trustable one. And what we are doing here is to show you some of our real customers lolita style show with the new products bought from us. So you could understand us more!